The organization of an internal company tournament with a game of your choice is an excellent opportunity to keep in touch with each other and to maintain the morale among employees. Furthermore, it is a accessible way to introduce colleagues to each other in an informal way which strengthens mutual cooperation. Playing a game can also be used to end a long work day and the evaluation of the game is a fun way to start the next day!


  • The duration of the tournament depends on the amount of participants.
  • We will install the gamestudio(s) on the desired location on Monday morning.
  • The tournament software will randomly assign colleagues. As soon as results are added, the opponents in the following rounds are also automatically determined.
  • In one, two of three working weeks (depending on the number of participants), colleagues play against each other during breaks (or at a time of their own choosing).
  • Finals are on Friday afternoon to end the work week!

Game tournaments for companies

  • Your own online tournament environment in the branding of your company.
  • Choice of 3 different tournament formats.
  • Instruction manual for the usage of the tournament software & admin account.
  • Usage of tournament software in the mobile app.
  • Gamestudio's with 2x PlayStation 4; 2x BenQ-Pro TV-displays, 4x PlayStation controllers.
  • Game of your choice (negotiable)


Why gaming ensures beter performing employees: Check the Dutch Article we wrote about this subject on Marketingfacts!

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