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Game event for creating a unique football camp

International Sports Revolution organises annual football camps during the summer to provide an unique football experience to all football lovers. How do they ensure that all children have an experience they will never forget? What can they do to make their football camp the most enjoyable?

The physical skill games offer an excellent solution. And how nice it is, then, to test whether they are not only good on the actual field, but also have skills in the digital version of the game! The idea of organising an offline game event was born!



Young people present


5 hours

Gaming fun


Lots of

Penalties scored



Professional esports player available


Cool game arenas and a professional esports player!

Our offline events and influencer marketing services were applicable to this event. We used six game studios to build a real game arena in the football cafeteria. And four-time Dutch champion Tony Kok helped in the promotion and gave a master class in taking penalty shots at FIFA 20. We organised a FIFA 20 experience at the football camp at v.v. Hattem and at ‘d Olde Veste ‘54.

Branding aimed at the target group

Support in branding and promotion

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Master class in penalty shooting

During the football camp, we divided the group into two parts. Group one went outside to play physical skill games. Group two got a master class in taking penalty shots from Tony Kok in the canteen.

Tony first gave an explanation on the big screen. He told the attentively listening children how he always managed to shoot his penalty shots into the right-hand corner! Next, the children could practice taking penalty shots on one of the six game studios.


Beat the pro

All the participants were allowed to try scoring a penalty shot against Tony. If they missed, they had to do 10 push-ups. If they scored, it meant one extra push-up for Tony! The participants who managed to win earned the official Tony Tuuurlijk cap!

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Who will beat Tony?

Then we played a knock-out tournament, where the winner of the tournament got to take on Tony! Besides Tony, several professional footballers were also present. They of course also challenged Tony for a game of FIFA.

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