PEC Zwolle eClash

The annual search for new esports talent for PEC Zwolle esports.

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PEC Zwolle
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PEC Zwolle looking for new esports talent

Every year, together with PEC Zwolle, we look for a new esports talent for the PEC Zwolle eAcademy. In doing so, we want to create a pyramid of talents for PEC Zwolle that can be trained for a spot in the highest league in the Netherlands: the eDivision.


The ultimate FIFA journey

The journey starts annually with the organization of three online FIFA qualification tournaments. Players from all over the country (and even Belgium) compete to win a place in the top 8 in the qualification. The top 8 qualifies for the annual online finals. These online qualification matches are provided with live commentary and analyses (Twitch) by the participants’ heroes: the esports players of PEC Zwolle.

Branding and Promotion
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King FIFA of Zwolle

PEC eClash

During the annual physical final round, the finalists compete in various fields. They play a mini-competition against each other to determine who is the best FIFA player of the day. They also take on one of PEC Zwolle’s current esports players, who constantly change tactics to see how the players cope with changes. Finally, they are thrown to the lions in an interview with cameras and a microphone to see what their improvisational skills are like.



Participants per year



Twitch Livestreams



Physical finalists

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PEC Zwolle eAcademy player

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PEC Zwolle eAcademy winnaar

Milo de Geus

Milo de Geus was PEC Zwolle’s first eAcademy player in 2020. Out of a qualification with more than 200 participants, he managed to win on several fronts: Sports, Branding, and Representation on Camera.

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