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What to do when you want to create brand awareness among a large group of gamers as an up-and-coming hardware company in the Benelux? Partner-up with Team THRLL League of Legends.

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Brand awareness and brand activation

As a traditional hardware company, you can invest endlessly in online marketing: aiming social media advertising at a targeted group of gamers. But what if we told you that more than half of these gamers use ad-blockers, many are not active on Instagram but on channels like Twitch and Discord? Then we’ve certainly got your attention!


Partnership in activities

An up-and-coming hardware company in the Netherlands activates esports in the Netherlands through an up-and-coming PC Gaming company: Redux Gaming x League of Legends, the ideal fit! We divided our partnerships into two types of activities: The old school ‘logo displaying’ and brand activation.


Show that logo!

We are convinced that activating a brand among the target group starts with visibility; a lot of visibility. In any case, at least three times, preferably in three different ways and at three different moments, on the same day. Research shows that there is a good chance that the brand will become ‘top of mind’ with the target group. This is what we did: On our jersey, branded social media posts, in-game (the client), and on livestreams.


Brand activation

After generating brand awareness within the Dutch (and Belgian) League of Legends community, it was time to take the next step in our partnership: activation. We came up with the concept of Scouting Grounds, a tournament for talented players, coaches, and casters without a team. The Redux Gaming Scouting Grounds were born: 1 weekend, live on stream with Redux Gaming prices.

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Use of gaming influencers

In addition, it goes without saying that we use gaming influencers, the new heroes, to activate the Redux Gaming brand. We did this by means of two content concepts: ‘How to become an esports player' and ‘Pro vs. dummy - ultimate gear vs. crappy gear’.

Jeroen Klokgieters - Redux Gaming

The cooperation with THRLL helps us create visibility among a broad target group and express our involvement within the gaming community.

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