European Summer Cup ‘21

24 countries and 24 content creators: a guaranteed great spectacle

European summer cup overview
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Online event with content creators and esports players

The national FIFA21 competitions had been played and the wait was on for the FIFA World Cup, which would take place in a few weeks’ time. A period when FIFA21 ratings are down and little FIFA21 content is being created. What can you do to entertain the fans during this period? That’s when you look at what is popular and see if you can capitalise on it.

24 top-level FIFA creators

€1,500.00 prize pool

The 2020 European Championship (held in 2021) was just around the corner. We came up with a great concept combining the topicality of the European Championships 2020 and the popularity of content creators and esports players. We invited 24 influencers from the FIFA scene to participate in the European Summer Cup ‘21. By linking a number of fantastic partners to the European Summer Cup ‘21, we were able to provide a nice prize pool of €1,500.00 for the participants.


Live drawing with PECMAN038

This year 24 countries participated in the European Championship 2020. We wanted to simulate the European Championship 2020 with our European Summer Cup ‘21. We thought of inviting 24 gaming influencers. Through a drawing, which would be broadcast live on Twitch and YouTube, we paired a country with the influencer, and all participants were required to stream their own matches on their own Twitch channel. The Home of esports channel provided a transition program. The participants all played with specially developed European Summer Cup ‘21 overlays, on which our partners were visible!


Additional exposure: Nightbot

Once it was known which country the influencer had been assigned to, they had to put together a team with at least 5 players from that country. We used our tournament platform to determine the order of matches. We also kept track of the pool standings in real time. This way, all viewers could easily see how his or her favourite influencer was doing. This was fully set up in the style of the European Summer Cup ‘21 and here, too, we were able to generate visibility for our partners. Using the nightbot tool, we ensured that viewers did get several notifications about the platform in the chat.

Partner activations

Personalised FUT Cards

To activate our partners, we came up with two cool trophies that could be won. The Werkis worker of the tournament: for the participant who had delivered an exceptional performance with a lesser team, and the Kontrolfreek award, for the one who had made the most beautiful skill goal. These prizes were distributed based on a vote on Instagram and on the final day, Steelseries also raffled off a great headset among the viewers. This ensured that we got raids from the participants throughout the day. Who doesn’t want this cool headset?

Live broadcasts

Seven days live

We then held our European Summer Cup ‘21 during the first week of the European Championship 2020. We started our European Summer Cup ‘21 with Pool A on the day the Dutch team played its first match of the European Championship, to get into the mood for the European Championship. Then we played a pool each evening. So every night there were 5 live broadcasts on Twitch and YouTube. Six group matches were played in about 1.5 hours per evening. During the tournament, teams were shared, results posted and live standings updated on Instagram. On Saturday we then played the eighth finals and on Sunday we played the quarter finals, semi-finals and final!

Jochem de Waard - SteelSeries - Steelseries

Home of esports created a fun and unique concept with excellent timing during the hype of the euro's 21. With their big network of gamers they made sure the reach and audience were big and diverse

Jochem van waarde PF

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