The football card exchange afternoon XXL

The region’s football card exchange afternoon with cool game activation and FIFA national champions.

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Gaming event and Beat the pro as a promotional tool

Albert Heijn organizes regular football card exchange days to ensure that the fanatic saver can fill up his/her football card book. But how can they make sure that they organize a football card exchange afternoon XXL that as many people in the region as possible can attend? Ask for PEC Zwolle for the Zwolle region, of course! Is your target group ages 8 to 18? Then esports is the right marketing tool to get more young people to come to the stadium.


eDivision champs on location

We used two of our esports services for this campaign: offline events, by using three of our game studios in PEC Zwolle’s branding, and influencer marketing, by using the two esports players from PEC Zwolle that we manage. The planning for the event was crucial: On 18 February 2020, PEC Zwolle esports became champion in the Dutch eDivision! By switching gears quickly and adjusting the plans slightly, the esports players stood together with the cup trophy in the business club of PEC Zwolle on 20 February 2020 during the AH football card afternoon.

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Beat the pro

With the ‘beat the pro concept’, participants could compete against the esports players and win two PEC Zwolle match tickets. In between swapping football cards, participants could sign up for a FIFA match against the esports players. This match was broadcast on a big screen to create the ultimate experience.

In between the matches, there was an opportunity to take a photo with the eDivision trophy!



Young people present



News parties to report on the afternoon






Football cards exchanged

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