FIFA and Fortnite masterclass

Online gaming master classes for the children of Exact Software employees.

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Exact’s assignment was clear: create a surprise for the children of parents who work at Exact. Exact created the Exact Kidsweek and with Home of esports we were part of it for four nights.

The purpose? To place the children in the limelight, since they had been stuck with their working-from-home parents for the past few months.



Fully online master classes



Hours of custom-made content



Professional esports athletes





Influencer marketing

Exact asked us to organize a gaming workshop for the target group of 10- to 20-year-olds. Taking this target group into account, we chose influencers in the games FIFA (Tony Kok) and Fortnite (4E Cobra and ECV Boaz). We gave employees of Exact a link to a Discord environment where Tony, Menno, and Boaz were ready to answer any questions the youngsters might have prior to the workshop. Via a protected YouTube environment, the children were then invited to attend master classes on four different evenings.



Our influencers started with some basic questions to find out the participants’ level. On this basis, they could determine which tips would have the most positive influence on the participants’ gameplay.

Participants were then given the latest tips and tricks about the game and were given exclusive insight into the players’ tactics.

Then our players went on to play a number of demonstration games, answering the questions that came in to the live chat as they played.

To conclude, the participants were allowed to play together or against the influencer. It was a unique evening for many young people and very enthusiastic parents!

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