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You are promoted to the Eredivisie as a club, you suddenly have to have two digital players in addition to all the players on the field, and you have to create a new brand: SC Cambuur esports. What?

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Advice on use of channels and branding

We wrote a plan for SC Cambuur on how they, as a club, can best deal with the “tool” esports. Which target group do you reach with esports and gaming? How do you best reach this target group and what message do you use? How do you ensure interaction on different social channels? We translated Cambuur’s DNA into the club’s new esports branding!


From research to implementation

After an initial kick-off meeting with SC Cambuur, in which we mainly discussed the values, vision and image of the club, the goal was clear: to create new branding with recognizable elements of the general branding specifically aimed at the youth with playful elements suitable for gaming and esports. We focus on three phases: Target group research, branding variants and an esports & gaming campaign.


Target group research and concepting

First of all, we divided the potential target group into various segments, which resulted in three personas. Based on the briefing with SC Cambuur and our research, we created the children of supporters (8-12 years), the young fanatic gamer (13-18 years), and the gaming student (19-25 years). Each segment has its own characteristics and best practices. Three branding concepts were created from this. After researching the different segments, concept 3 was chosen. This was the basis for the creative campaigns that followed!


Cool content

The basic branding of concept 3 was then fully developed for all social channels on which the segments are present. Think of Instagram for the ‘gaming student’, TikTok and Twitch/YouTube for the ‘fanatic gamer’, and Facebook for the parents of the ‘children of supporters’. Several examples of posts were immediately created, focusing on current events and in-game features. We prepared different formats and stream overlays so that there is one clear line of communication to the target group.


SC Cambuur FIFA king

To activate the target group and get them into the SC Cambuur database, we recommended organizing online and physical FIFA tournaments. Our concept: The search for the FIFA king of SC Cambuur. With the online qualification rounds, data was collected from the reached target group through the Home of esports platform. These data could be linked to the club’s own CRM database to continue activating the esports and gaming target group with marketing campaigns from the club. The developed stream overlays with partner exposure are perfect for use in online tournaments. Awesome!

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