Team THRLL beats PSV esports and reinforces the leading position in the Dutch League of Legends.

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DUTCH LEAGUE | Team THRLL has found another win in week 3 of the Dutch League. In a THRILLING match versus a strong PSV esports, who are currently second in the Dutch League, Team THRLL showed a strong team effort and a lot of individual skill. Due to yesterday’s result Team THRLL reinforces their leading position in the Dutch League and are making great strides towards the playoffs to secure the EU-Masters spot.

Roster changes the past weeks.
Let’s start with the starting line-up, those who have followed Team THRLL the past weeks have seen a lot of changes. Coach Vamir has now indicated that this will be the permanent line-up for the time being:

🇭🇺 Viktor ‘Kubu’ Tóth (Champion VS PSV: Wukong)

🇸🇪 Oliver ‘Raxhy’ Hovstadius (Champion VS PSV: Trundle)

🇳🇱 Brayan ‘Kruimel’ van Oosten (Champion VS PSV: Zoe)

🇧🇪 Pavlos ‘Mytheos’ Voriatzidis (Champion VS PSV: Ezreal)

🇳🇱 Thomas ‘Atrocez’ Dijk (Champion VS PSV: Yuumi)

The Game.
The featured match of the evening started with a first blood for Team THRLL’s ADC player Pavlos ‘Mytheos’ Voriatzidis, who has returned the starting roster as ADC instead of the midlaner position.

Thereafter, it is Team THRLL who sets the pace in the match. With a lot of close team fights around the objectives Team THRLL against PSV esports is really a massive game to watch for League of Legends enthusiasts. This resulted in a peak of 1050 live viewers on the Twitch channel of Gamelux, which is above average. Share the support guys, the players get a kick out of it!

To continue, it is team THRLL who is the winner in many of the close team fights, partly due to a fantastic performance by Viktor ‘Kubu’ Tóth. The Hungarian player showed a lot of skills with his surprising Wukong pick. In the last team fight Team THRLL is simply too strong to beat and who else then Kubu is the player who also manages to destroy the nexus on his own.

The final team fight ©META

Next week we are back playing against Echo Zulu (2-2), where Team THRLL will face two former players; Don van Vlerken & Sebastiaan Veldkamp at 19:00 CEST. Tune in Live on the Twitch channel of Gameluxlol!

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