Will it be Team THRLL or PSV esports at the top of the league tomorrow? Explaining the (new) tiebreaker rules and Vamir’s point of view.

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DUTCH LEAGUE | LEAGUE OF LEGENDS | With just one more week to go in the summer split group phase there are two first place contenders left: Team THRLL and PSV esports. Team THRLL who started really promising with a 7-0-win streak did not managed to secure their unbeaten streak and lost their last two matches. PSV esports on the other hand won their last 3 matches but had some difficulties at the first half of the split.

That makes us to the following standings:

  1. Team THRLL 7-2
  2. PSV esports 7-2
  3. LowLandLions 6-3
  4. Echo Zulu 4-5
  5. Dynasty 2-7
  6. mCon esports Rotterdam 1-8

If we are going to look at the final week of the Dutch League PSV Esports will be playing in the featured match against number 3 LowLandLions, who on their turn are performing really well the last weeks. Team THRLL is facing number 4 Echo Zulu which is always a tough one with all the veterans present (and of course the old Team THRLL members Sebs & Donnie).

Team THRLL coach Vamir is confident about the upcoming weeks "Last weeks we worked a lot on in-game pace, communication and variation in playstyle, in the run-up to play-offs we are pushing our limits to a higher level, but we still have improvements to make to be in top shape. The upcoming weeks will be all or nothing. The play-offs will be really exciting where anything is possible, apart from the strong and consistent performance of PSV, LowLandLions and Echo Zulu are becoming stronger every week. Nevertheless, I expect that Team THRLL can make the difference during a BO3 format in play-offs, after a very close final Team THRLL will be the number one.” Toplaner Viktor ‘Kubu’ Tóth adds "We have made some mistakes in the past, but we are going to fix them in de upcoming days. When we do, I am certain we can beat everyone who faces us in the Dutch League."

What is going to happen when both PSV esports and Team THRLL win their final game? The tiebreaker-rules have slightly changed compared to the spring split, where the wins of the second half of the season (the last 5 matches) depended who won the tiebreaker. The rules are as followed:

1. Head-to-head
Team THRLL played two times against PSV esports. The overall score is equal which means we need to check the second (new) rule.

2. The Neustadtl score
This fancy word comes into play after the head-to-head score, but before the previous leading rule ‘wins in second half of the split’. It’s quite simple: winning versus teams that have more wins counts for more in a tiebreaker scenario. Consequences for Team THRLL:

  • So, if both Team THRLL and PSV win their last match we will be looking at the wins against better scoring teams.
  • Team THRLL and PSV won both matches against number 3 LowLandLions.
  • Team THRLL won both matches against number 4 Echo Zulu, PSV lost one of their matches against Echo Zulu. Due to this loss of PSV, Team THRLL will be the number one of the summer split.

We love the new rule. However, as said before a win against the tough playing Echo Zulu is necessary. Focus and communication will be key for the Team THRLL players and staff. Tune in tomorrow 21:00 CEST at https://www.twitch.tv/gameluxlol and watch the THRLLING result live!

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Team THRLL beats PSV esports and reinforces the leading position in the Dutch League of Legends.

DUTCH LEAGUE | Team THRLL has found another win in week 3 of the Dutch League. In a THRILLING match

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