Team THRLL starts flawless in Dutch League: ‘We have a roster that can compete for the championship this split’

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DUTCH LEAGUE | Team THRLL has won both games during the first round of the summer split Dutch League. Team THRLL, who finished 3th last season, booked a win against mCon esports Rotterdam and defending champion LowLandLions (previous Defusekids). As a result, they took the lead in the Dutch League.

The Dutch League of Legends competition started with a blast for Team THRLL. mCon esports Rotterdam was put aside quite easily, partly due to the strong performances of the new international players. Both Viktor ‘Kubu’ Tóth and Oliver ‘Raxhy’ Hovstadius immediately showed their added value to the Dutch scene. The latter received the MVP of the week title for it. LowLandLions promised to be a more difficult meeting, however, a strong draft of coach Vamir and a strong and coherent performance of the team secured a relative quick win!

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Team THRLL’s new midlaner Brayan ‘Kruimel’ Van Oosten told the AD his view on the Dutch League and why he is back in The Netherlands after playing for big organizations in the UK, Germany and Turkey. ,,It was about time to return to the Dutch League of Legends scene; I was very curious about the professionalization of the Dutch League.’’ Van Oosten is loud and clear about Team THRLL’s chances for the championship this split: ,,I really do think we have a great chance of winning the split with our current roster. The organization is new, but I feel very comfortable with it. Furthermore, we have a good mix of talents and experienced players which works very well in my opinion.’’

Summer Split Standings

  1. Team THRLL (2-0)
  2. PSV Esports (1-0)
  3. Echo Zulu (1-1)
  4. Dynasty (0-1)
  5. LowLandLions (0-1)
  6. mCon esports Rotterdam (0-1)

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The Dutch League is back on Tuesday, Team THRLL will be facing Dynasty at 21:00 CEST live on

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