Team THRLL in Play-offs “Not a happy marriage” what is next?

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DUTCH LEAGUE | LEAGUE OF LEGENDS | On the 28th of July the main roster had his first play-off game against the strong PSV esports. A close 1-2 final score was a disappointment for staff and players. A second chance to reach the EUM occurs, due to the number 1 spot in the regular season. On the 4th of August it was LowLandLions that put an end to the EUM goal of the Team THRLL line-up.

Regular season.
The promising roster with a solid combination between talent and experienced players was getting along really well from the start of the league. In the first five weeks they won all games possible and went undefeated on top. In the 6th week something changed, was it an underestimation of the Dynasty roster, a bad day or was Dynasty playing really well? Probably a combination of these factors. Team THRLL was experiencing a slump back then, fighting to come back at their rising level of gameplay before. At the last game of the season we saw a glimpse of the old Team THRLL level and the team managed to stay at the top of the league. Relieved we were!

This section we aim to be short but clear. Where our opponents PSV esports and especially the LowLandLions had huge improvements during the road to playoffs, Team THRLL was still fighting to get back on their old level of gameplay. A couple of days before the first matches we had some breakthroughs and were really pushing to get in shape on time. However, it was not enough, the play-offs phase resulted in a great disappointment.

Good luck to the LowLandLions in the EUM! Make the Benelux proud again.

After a deserved break for players and staff, the team will be focusing on the hopefully fully packed Country Finals. A stage where they can rematch their competitors, show the Benelux audience their actual level of gameplay and be a role-model for the upcoming League of Legends players in The Netherlands!

Futhermore, Team THRLL academy (or as we call them the Open Tour team) will be playing in several tournaments the upcoming months and we are delighted to announce a second academy team at the Team THRLL socials the upcoming days. A team of young talents from the Benelux area with a huge ambition who will get guidance from the main team and Open Tour players during inhouses. Let’s get ready for the new Benelux talents!

Thanks for the support and see you soon,

Team THRLL players and staff.

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